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Charlotte, NC | Prints matter

I want to write a post about prints. About the fact that our digital world has made it less and less urgent to print our images because the files can find a home on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc.  As a photographer who spends so much time working on images for other people, I’ll admit that it takes more of an effort to print images of and for my family than it would if I weren’t a photographer. I think that there is nothing that makes an image come to life like holding it in your hands.

PRINTS MATTER. They matter for us, for our children, for our grandchildren, for the people who come after us. As a kid, I loved sitting and looking all of the family photos, the color ones, sepias, black and whites. Even though the photos weren’t professional, I loved looking through them. Can you imagine if my parents had just settled for negatives? After 20, 30, 40 years since they were captured the negatives are lost somewhere. These 4×6 prints are memories of my mom pregnant of me, my sister’s first birthday, my great grand mother’s home, and specially for me my dad’s smile.

Here’s some encouragement- Just DO IT!

I’ll make it easy for you MPix is a great place to start. It’s online, it’s easy to navigate, and the quality is much better than what you’d find at a Photo Kiosk at Target. Or even better! if you had professional photographs taken, order from your photographer. I know a lot of photographers are given up on prints, because the rise in demand for digital images; people aren’t taking the time to put those images on paper. Upload your photos to a Facebook album and do not stop there.

Do yourself a favor- when you get home tonight, take 20 minutes to pick out 10 photos you have mean meaning to print and make it happen. Tonight. Just DO IT!

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Charlotte, NC | The heart of my inspiration

I always say I love what I am doing and I love my job, but I never explain why?

As a photographer, this TED Talk I posted below spoke volumes to me. I feel that what she goes into really explains some of the motivation behind the work I do myself.

But I will only add that the feeling can go beyond retouching a photo, as Becci Manson explains, it can also retouch lives. The experience of creating a memory with art or photography in the first place can obviously have a touching effect on lives. Including the artist or photographer.

Creating these memories has been the majority of my work. But the ability to give something back after it has been taken away is something that really inspires me. It brings out that desire to learn more, to grow, and to do better at giving people what they need. Be that a photo to remember loved ones, restoration of old memories, or even creating new memories with that special mix of art and photography.





Charlotte, NC | Family Photographer – Styling your Session

Some clients find it difficult to decide what to wear to their session and it is an important decision. How you dress your family plays a huge role in the success of your final images. Little details are important such as hats and accessories, shoes (or no shoes) and whether each family members clothing will look nice when photographed together. Location is another important aspect and this will also influence clothing choices. A lovely flowing summer dress would look beautiful in a grassy field where as a more hip and trendy outfit would better suit an urban location.

With all these decisions to make it is no wonder that some people feel overwhelmed or unsure of their choices so Emotion Art Photography have now introduced a session styling service.

How it works: At the Pre-Session consultation we will discuss the type of session you had in mind, what feel you would like for your photos and any ideas that you would like to incorporate into your session. We will discuss activity ideas (depending on the age of your child) and location and then work out together what your family will wear. Together we will go through your wardrobe choosing clothing that would best suit your session and I will bring some items that I have that may compliment our choices.

Great outfits and accessories combined with the location of your session can really make for beautifully styled photos, the Pre-Session consultation also gives us time to chat about ideas and for me to get to know you, your hobbies, interest and your unique personality.

A perfect fall outfit <3