Charlotte, NC | The heart of my inspiration

I always say I love what I am doing and I love my job, but I never explain why?

As a photographer, this TED Talk I posted below spoke volumes to me. I feel that what she goes into really explains some of the motivation behind the work I do myself.

But I will only add that the feeling can go beyond retouching a photo, as Becci Manson explains, it can also retouch lives. The experience of creating a memory with art or photography in the first place can obviously have a touching effect on lives. Including the artist or photographer.

Creating these memories has been the majority of my work. But the ability to give something back after it has been taken away is something that really inspires me. It brings out that desire to learn more, to grow, and to do better at giving people what they need. Be that a photo to remember loved ones, restoration of old memories, or even creating new memories with that special mix of art and photography.




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